Discussion Questions on Video Games

- Children are the main targets of video games.

I disagree with this statement, because in my opinion it's desined for not only children. For example there are gases that are just for adults like sports games, advanture games , etc

- Games teach player to cooperate.

I agree with the statement. many games need cooperation from the player in order to accomplish the game such as counter strike, C&C Generals, and World War Craft.

- video games create problems in relationships.

well, it may cause problems between relationships. It depends on the stuation and how aggressive are the players.


- What did you learn from preparing your presentation?

I leaned many things from preparing my presentation. firstly, how to chose the ideas that should be presented in the presentation. Secondly, how to link the ideas together in good logical order which don't confuse the audience. Finally, how to use the power point which nowadays is more preferable than everything such as using board.

- How did you feel about your presentation?

Honestly, Ifeel bad because I was and still sick which let me didn't consentrate and give too much attintion while preparing and presenting. However, I think i did my best and its ok

- What did you learn from listening to the presentations of your classmates?

I leaned many thing from lisening to others. what method that is better to use. the power point use. how to begin and end presentation in interesting way which ake the audience invove in it.

Reflection : Research Paper

well this kind of paper is the first paper that i've write in my life, which i didn't experience such a kind of these papers. however, I felt good and finally rested because I achieved it, because while I was writing it, it wouldn't finish thats

Improving Acadamic Skills

i learned a lot about new strategies in reading as we perform in class such as chuncking any article. Also, i learned about how to schedule my self between studying time and resting time. . To achieve this goal, i got to go to a place tht helps concentrate on studying the materials. After that, i revise what i read so it can stick in my mind. Furthermore, in more depth in my reading, i follow the five steps technique, which is surveying the article, chunk the main ideas, read in death each section, write supporting points in my own words, and try to memorize by writing my supporting points into paragraphs. This method helped me to memorize what i read, and made my reading much better.

Happiness Definition

Happiness definition can be described differentlly among people. In my opinion, it's kind of expression and feeling that is stated when the person feels joy, pleasure and satisfaction that responds to actions.


1. I feel optimistic about the future in terms of the popualtion. because it becomes a serious dilemma world wide, for example, the chinese regulation is one of the best signs that shows us that we are able to manage the population growth.

2. I feel pessimistic when i look at the japanese and african situation that it getting worser and worser


Novel Project: Post Reading Discussion

1- the story has an unbelievable ending and satisfys me. After when i fenished the book, I began to understand because i felt confused en the begining, but at the end, it pulls everything in the story together. there are a couple of questions I have and i'm not sure wether it was answered or not.

2 - the majer themes of the book are emotion,travels, love, hope, challenges, e.t.c

3- Yes, the book gives some practical experiences that meirrors a real persons life but all characters are not real.

4 well, the charricters are confusing in the beginning of the story but i catch up later in the story